Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Wings of Pestilence

Saw a bunch of crows yesterday, always cool to see a big bunch of birds flying together. Most likely what inspired this lil piece, just a guess. 

I havent updated in awhile....

I feel I need to clean out the cobwebs. Been away for awhile, not on purpose, but it seems that every time near the end of my school finals I turn into a robot with school...Anyways I need and am going to be updating much more now that I have this brief break! Please stay tuned!

Good news as well, I had the great opportunity to be apart of a charity event which was really cool and alot of fun. Check out the pics below of me at the show and the finished piece.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

IScream Clown T-shirt available at Society6

Updated the graphics and added some new colors for the T-shirt. Hope you like em!


Self Portrait

Been away for awhile some things were blocking the creative flow. Finally feeling better from being sick so that helps too. Hopefully I can get some new stuff up real soon now that im feeling like myself again.