Sunday, February 3, 2013

One more update

I deleted my facebook for my new years resolution. I stuck to mine you should stick to yours! Honestly though I feel a lot better now that it's gone, I feel that people these days don't live in the moment and enjoy the the smallest of things. There is no need to make posts about what you are eating or what you are doing, just enjoy those moments!! Break the social network chains and focus on what you love, for me that is art. (duuhhh right haha)


Valentina, Watercolor, Ballpoint Pen

Update! New projects, INstagram, SOOPA BOWL

Hey everyone!
Been away for a long while and I've finally gotten around to updating my blog which is this update right here haha! Anyways been pretty dang busy with school and looking for work but nonetheless I've been really busy making new projects for myself. If you would like to see more frequent updates and have instagram please add me!

Instagram- nicholashatswell

Below are some of my more recent sketches and pieces, the ones I wanna show anyways haha. Anyways its super bowl Sunday!! I hope you all have an awesome Sunday regardless of what you're doing.    :)


Been working like a madman on this one. I decided that I should make a piece with a medium that I grew up with and that's good old fashioned ball point pen and ink. I'm in love with the details that this piece is bringing out and just the strange idea that is this piece. No inspiration and I'm not even sure where it came from but its working, its pretty big too 20x30 
False Prophets
Winter Song