Thursday, January 3, 2013

My little animal kingdom

Been awhile since I updated!! Needed a break from everything, been really nice catching up on sleep when I am not at work. Anyways here are some pieces, most recent ones, that I made at work! I've been trying to do animals that require alot of detail since it seems that is what I'm good at also it makes the day go by faster haha ^_^. Sadly this job is ending on Saturday which really sucks cause this has probably been the best job I've ever had. No worries though great portfolio work plus a good name to have on my resume! School starts next week and although my classes are going to be boring I'm looking forward to having something to do again! Hope everyone that has read this has an awesome day!


 the red panda, the cutest animal in the world
 the hummingbird, the coolest bird in the world
 le koi fish

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